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Mike Ledesma Amatuer Golfer

"I started working with JP in Dec 2020. Since then, I have dropped 5% body fat, I increase strength and muscle mass. I am in the best shape of my life at age 45. I am the same weight I was in college and much more muscle. Second, when I finish a round of golf, my body doesn’t hurt. One unique aspect about JP is his physical therapy background. I had right knee pain and he changed my workouts to address this weakness. Now, I have little to no knee pain. I highly recommend JP for anyone looking for pain free golf, increased muscle, accountability and increased swing speed."


William Masciaz PGA Pro

"JP’s knowledge of how the body moves in the golf swing is insightful. He sets you up with the correct routines/workouts tailored to your goals.

He was always ready to answer any questions or concerns I had with the plan throughout the process.



Dr, Gordon Blundell Senior Golfer

"Dr Guidry did a careful evaluation of the injury that is impairing my golf swing. He designed a physical therapy plan to address my injury, which I am 3 weeks into. I am extremely pleased and impressed with the program. I enjoyed working with him and highly recommend his program."


Bob Corely HS Golf Coach

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Guidry's program for anyone wanting to get in better shape and feel better. Dr. Guidry is

always a email or message away from anything you may need to change or question about your plan. I was hesitant being over 50 to try working out again but definitely glad I did."


Matt Luther College Women's Golf Coach

"JP is very knowledgeable and has a great set up. He can absolutely help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they are. I’ve been around high level golfers and coaches for over 20 years and JP is excellent at what he does. Whether you’re looking for speed, power, injury prevention, recovery or longevity, JP can help get you there!"


Grady Brame Jr Professional Golfer

Dr. JP is very knowledgeable and super helpful. He gave me a program that helped me maximize my strengths and prevent injury. I would certainly recommend paying him a visit if you’re struggling with anything physically."


Lee Pace Senior Golfer

"JP Guidry's program helped me with mobility and strength, but most significantly he helped me with two nagging injury issues. All it took was Zoom calls of less than 10 minutes to diagnose foot and later knee issues that had been bothering me. He gave me exercises/treatments to follow and both were better immediately. Highly recommend his services."


Tim Debolt

"JP has been incredibly caring and professional, his ability to identify, and create a program has been excellent. As someone who has stopped a started many times before I find myself working hard to achieve my goals!!! You can achieve your goals with JP’s help!!!"

Helping Golfers, Baseball/softball and Tennis athletes improve their performance, get out of pain and stay on the course, field or courts!

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